Listings Criteria

To list a token on CEXs, the primary requirements include having an active community on social media platforms like Twitter, Telegram, and Discord, as well as maintaining a high trading volume.

Bitget’s Project Review Criteria:

  • Number of Testnet participants
  • Successful IDO subscribers
  • Airdrop currency holders
  • Participants in on-chain task platforms
  • Average views of inactive Twitter content
  • Number of Telegram or Discord communities
  • Average number of chats per hour on Telegram or Discord
  • Monthly visits to the official website
  • Number of Twitter Space participants (for community projects)
  • Financing status (for non-community projects)
  • Number of addresses on the blockchain
  • Number of on-chain transactions in a week
  • Average number of interactions per hour on a block explorer
  • 24-hour DEX trading volume (projects not on DEX are not considered)

Here are some suggestions to help you pass the due diligence and compliance review:

1. Build an Active Community:

  • Ensure real users are actively talking and discussing relevant topics in your group.
  • Create engaging topics for discussion.
  • Add your group link to your website and social media to attract more users.

2. Increase Followers and Engagement on Twitter:

  • While there’s no set follower requirement, having 1K-2K+ followers is beneficial.
  • Aim for more engagements on each tweet, such as 30-40+ likes, comments, and retweets.

3. Grow Your Telegram Community:

  • Aim for around 1K members who are actively discussing and engaging in the group.

4. Increase Token Holders

  • Gain 2,000-5,000 holders using airdrops.

If your project doesn’t pass the due diligence (DD) for CEX listing, fret not! offers a comprehensive CEXs Listing Boost Package to assist you in meeting the requirements.

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