Getting your token listed on a major exchange like BitMart is a significant step towards enhancing its visibility and accessibility. 


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Why BitMart?

BitMart offers relatively affordable listing fees compared to other mainstream cryptocurrency platforms, which can be a significant financial benefit for token projects looking to list their tokens.

With over 9 million users, BitMart provides a vast audience for token projects to attract attention and potentially gain new investors by partnering with the platform.

BitMart allows trading of more than 950 tokens on their platform, with new assets being added regularly. This diverse range of trading options increases the visibility and trading opportunities for listed token projects.


BitMart’s strategy includes actively listing many startup token projects, increasing the chances of a successful listing and providing a platform for emerging projects to thrive.

BitMart is well-known in the crypto industry as a reliable and reputable digital asset exchange, making it a trusted platform for token projects to list and grow their presence in the market.

If you want to list your coins on BitMart, please contact telegram @coinlisting_net


BitMart offers a streamlined process and flexible payment options to facilitate listings.

Here’s a detailed guide on how to get your token listed on BitMart.

  • 1. Information Collection

    Gather and submit the necessary documents.

  • 2. Listing Agreement

    BitMart will provide a listing agreement for review and signing.

  • 3. Review and Sign

    The agreement will be reviewed and signed by both parties.

  • 4. Payment

    Payment arrangements must be finalized.

  • 5. Marketing Discussion

    Discuss and schedule marketing activities for the launch.

  • 6. Launch

    The token will be listed on the exchange.


BitMart offers a comprehensive listing package at a standard rate of 50K USDT.

However, there is an opportunity to secure a discounted deal at 30K USDT.

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